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ZHANGJIAGANG LIANDA MACHINERY CO., LTD is a leading Manufacturer, Supplier, and Factory of Plastic Recycling machine lines in China. Our Plastic Recycling machine line is an advanced solution to recycle plastic waste by converting it into useful products. It is designed to process all kinds of plastic waste, including PET bottles, PVC pipes, HDPE containers, and more.

Our Plastic Recycling machine line features high automation, high efficiency, low energy consumption, and high output. It includes a shredder, crusher, washer, drier, and pelletizer. The shredder breaks down larger plastic waste into smaller pieces, which are then crushed into fine particles using the crusher. The washer cleans the particles to remove any impurities or contaminants. The drier removes the moisture from the cleaned particles. Finally, the pelletizer converts the dried particles into usable plastic pellets.

Our Plastic Recycling machine line is suitable for various industries, such as plastic packaging, construction, and automotive. With the emphasis on environmental protection and sustainable development, it is an ideal choice for companies looking for a reliable and cost-effective solution to recycle plastic waste. Contact ZHANGJIAGANG LIANDA MACHINERY CO., LTD to learn more about our Plastic Recycling machine line.
  • Introducing our state-of-the-art plastic recycling machine line, designed to revolutionize the way plastic waste is handled and recycled. Our machine line is a series of advanced machinery that allows for efficient and streamlined recycling of plastic materials, without compromising on quality or productivity. Our plastic recycling machine line boasts several cutting-edge features including automated sorting, shredding, and granulation capabilities, which makes the process of plastic recycling faster and incredibly efficient. Our machinery is capable of handling various plastic waste types such as films, bottles, and containers, among others. In addition, our plastic recycling machine line is equipped with the latest technology that ensures maximum recovery of the plastic material. This technology involves the use of high-temperature extrusion to melt and reform the plastic waste, which results in a high-quality, clean end product that can be used in various manufacturing applications. Our plastic recycling machine line is designed with the environment in mind, and as such, it is incredibly eco-friendly. The recycling process reduces pollution and environmental waste, making it an ideal solution for companies that want to be more environmentally conscious. In conclusion, our plastic recycling machine line is the ultimate solution for companies that are looking to streamline their recycling processes while ensuring the highest quality output. Our machinery is durable, efficient, and eco-friendly, making it the perfect investment for your business.
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