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ZHANGJIAGANG LIANDA MACHINERY CO., LTD is a plastic recycling machine manufacturing company founded in 1998. It is one of the most popular and recognized companies in the world in terms of producing plastic recycling machines. The company is a market leader in the plastic recycling industry, primarily because of its dedication to quality, reliability, and innovation.

LIANDA Machinery operates from a state-of-the-art facility covering an area of 10,000 square meters. It has over 50 employees, including engineers, technicians, and customer service personnel, who are experts in their respective fields. The company has modern machinery and equipment that allows it to deliver high-quality products that meet the quality standards of the plastic recycling industry.

LIANDA Machinery makes recycling of plastic packaging simple and straightforward. The simplicity of their machines, coupled with its quality, makes the machines popular with plastic producers/recyclers who are looking for an easy and stable production. The flexibility and adaptability of the machines make them suitable for a wide range of applications.

The company's product range includes various types of plastic recycling machines, including washing lines, pelletizers, shredders, and crushers. They offer complete custom-made solutions that suit the clients' production requirements. With years of experience, the company has been able to hone its skills in engineering and producing large machines of high quality. This capability has also led to the successful production of plastic recycling machines that cater to the needs of various sectors.

LIANDA Machinery's plastic recycling machines are in high demand all over the world, including places like the United States, Europe, South America, and Southeast Asia. The company exports most of its products to these regions and has a strong customer base in all of them.

The company's mission is to deliver top-quality plastic recycling machines that are effective, reliable, and affordable. LIANDA Machinery believes that recycling, especially of plastic waste, is becoming critical to preserving the environment. The company aims to make a significant positive impact on the environment by reducing the amount of plastic waste that ends up in landfills and oceans.

LIANDA Machinery's experienced team of professionals is dedicated to developing, designing, and producing state-of-the-art plastic recycling machines. The production process is under constant improvement to maintain the highest standard of quality control. The company's objective is to deliver machines that satisfy the clients and meet their production requirements.

LIANDA Machinery offers a wide range of plastic recycling machines that cater to different levels of production. The company's washing line is one of the best in the market, designed to clean multiple types of plastic waste while keeping their quality intact. The washing line effectively removes impurities like labels, caps, and contaminants. The machine can adapt to different types of plastic waste, from rigid to soft to hard. Another feature of the machine is its automatic temperature control system, which ensures that the washing temperature stays within the optimum range, thus reducing the chances of damaging the plastic.

LIANDA Machinery's pelletizing machine is another popular product that has gained the trust of its customers. The machine is easy to use and maintain and can process different types of plastic materials. The robust and reliable design of the machine enables it to produce high-quality pellets that can be reused in the production process. The machine's automatic cutting system delivers uniform pellets that meet the required quality standards.

The company's shredding machine is built to handle the most challenging and demanding of applications. The machine can shred various types of plastic waste, including PET bottles, plastic drums, and plastic bags. The shredding machine can process large volumes of plastic waste in a short time, reducing the production time and increasing efficiency.

LIANDA Machinery's crushers are also popular among plastic recycling companies. The machine can crush a wide range of plastic waste, including PVC, HDPE, PP, and ABS. The crusher machine can also be customized to meet the client's requirements.

LIANDA Machinery is synonymous with quality, reliability, and innovation. The company has built a reputation for producing plastic recycling machines that not only improve the production process but also help to preserve the environment. The company's focus on simplicity and quality has made its machines more accessible to users of all levels.

LIANDA Machinery's team of professional experts and technicians is dedicated to producing high-quality machines that meet the clients' requirements. They strive every day to make the company one of the most innovative and advanced plastic recycling machines manufacturers in the world.

In conclusion, LIANDA Machinery has earned a solid reputation as a top-quality plastic recycling machines manufacturer. The company's focus on quality and simplicity has made its machines popular and accessible to all levels of clients. LIANDA Machinery will continue to innovate and develop state-of-the-art machines to meet the ever-changing needs of the plastic recycling industry. The company will continue to work towards making recycling of plastic waste an efficient and effective process that helps to protect the environment.
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