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>>LIANDA develops the Single screw extrusion line with Infrared crystal dryer for PET sheet, 20mins pre-drying and crystallization, the final moisture can be ≤50ppm ( Machine line Work stably, final sheet quality stable) The extrusion line has the properties of low energy consumption, simple production process and easy maintenance. The segmented screw structure can reduce the viscosity loss of PET resin, the symmetrical and thin-wall calender roll improves the cooling effect, the capacity and sheet quality. Mult-components dosing feeder controls the percentage of new material、recycling material and master batch precisely,. The sheet has been widely used for thermoforming packaging industry.

>>Infrared crystal dryer -----Dry &Crystallize R-PET flakes/chips in 20mins at 30ppm by saving 45-50% energy cost. 

Limiting the hydrolytic degradation of the viscosity. Prevent increasing AA levels for materials with food contact Increasing the capacity of the production line up to 50% Improvement and make the product quality stable-- Equal and repeatable input moisture content of the material

Reduce manufacture cost of PET sheet: Up to 60% less energy consumption than conventional drying system

Instant start-up and quicker shut down --- No need pre-heating

Drying& crystallization will be processed in one step

To improve the tensile strength of PET sheet,Increase the added value --- Final moisture can be ≤30ppm by 20mins Dry &Crystallization

The machine line is equipped with Siemens PLC system with one key memory function

Covers an area of small, simple structure and easy to operate and maintenance

Independent temperature and drying time set

No segregation of products with different bulk densities

Easy clean and change material

Q: What’s the final moisture you can get ? Do you have any limitation on initial moisture of the raw material ? A: The final moisture we can get ≤30ppm (Take PET as example). Initial moisture can be 6000-15000ppm.   Q: We use Double parallel screw extruding with vacuum degassing system for PET Sheet extrusion, shall we still need to use pre-dryer? A: We suggest to use Pre-dryer before extrusion. Usually such system has the strict requirement on initial moisture of PET material. As we know PET is kind of material which can absorb the moisture from atmosphere which will cause the extrusion line working badly. So we suggest to use pre-dryer before your extrusion system:

>>Limiting the hydrolytic degradation of the viscosity

>>Prevent increasing AA levels for materials with food contact

>>Increasing the capacity of the production line up to 50%

>>Improvement and make the product quality stable-- Equal and repeatable input moisture content of the material

  Q: We are going to use new material but we don’t have any experience for drying such material. Can you help us?

A: Our factory has Test Center. In our Test center, we can perform continuous or discontinuous experiments for customer’s sample material. Our equipment is furnished with comprehensive automation and measurement technology.

We can demonstrate --- Conveying/Loading, Drying& Crystallization, Discharging.

Drying and crystallization of material to determine residual moisture, residence time, energy input and material properties.

We can also demonstrate performance by subcontracting for smaller batches.

In accordance with your material and production requirements, we can map out a plan with you.

Experienced engineer will make the test. Your employees are cordially invited to participate in our joint trails. Thus you have both the possibility to contribute actively and the opportunity to actually see our products in operation.

Q: What’s the delivery time of your IRD? A: 40 working days since we get your deposit in our company account. Q: How about the installation of your IRD? Experienced engineer can help installation the IRD system for you in your factory. Or we can supply guide service on line. The whole machine adopt aviation plug, easier for connection.   Q: What’s the IRD can be applied for ? A: It can be pre-dryer for PET/PLA/TPE Sheet extrusion machine line PET Bale strap making machine line PET masterbatch crystallization and drying PETG Sheet extrusion line PET monofilament machine, PET monofilament extrusion line,PET monofilament for broom PLA /PET Film making machine PBT, ABS/PC, HDPE, LCP, PC, PP, PVB, WPC, TPE, TPU, PET (Bottleflakes, granules, flakes), PET masterbatch, CO-PET, PBT, PEEK, PLA,PBAT, PPS etc. Thermal processes for the removal of rest oligomeren and volatile components.

>>PET Extrusion machine line


Multi layer

Single layer


Extruder specification




Thickness of the product




Main motor power




Max extrusion capacity




Machine list

Machine Composition





PET Infrared crystal dryer

1 set


Vacuum screw feeder

1 set


Double screw extruder

1 set


Vacuum negative pressure system

1 set


Double channel filter

1 set


Melt metering pump

1 set


PET special mold die

1 set


Three-roll calendering forming part

1 set


Silicone oil coating and Oven device

1 set


Edge material cutting device

1 set


Edge material recovery device

1 set


Double station winding system

1 set


SIEMENS human-machine interface control system

1 set

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